What Are the Requirements for Homeschooled Students Attending a Christian School in Boise, Idaho?

Christian schools provide an environment that is different from public schools, as they offer teachings from a Christian worldview. This means that all things are seen in the light of God's creation and providence. Before enrolling in college, Michael served in the United States Army in cryptology and he advises that you should be familiar with the local school and prepared for any potential issues. Homeschooling is now accepted in the mainstream of Christian people, and it is an option worth considering. The Body of Christ pays a price for Christian schools and homeschooling, as it eliminates the influence of thousands of Christian students, teachers, and parents from the public school environment.

We must weigh the individual benefits of a more comfortable and user-friendly environment offered by a Christian school with the lost opportunities of being salt and light in public school activities. Homeschoolers in Idaho cannot participate in state tests, but many parents choose to have their students take national standardized tests to measure their progress. Some children in Christian schools may learn to view non-Christians as enemies instead of captives of the Enemy. Parents who have experience with all three alternatives (public, Christian, and homeschooling) have reported that homeschooling was the most expensive option. If your student was previously enrolled in a public school, you must officially withdraw them from their current school.

Homeschoolers who wish to participate in non-academic public school activities that have an academic grade must take a standardized test or portfolio that shows average performance or performance at the level of their academic grade. While there may not be as many opportunities to sin creatively in a Christian school compared to a public school, the influence of peers is still strong on children of all ages. They must attend school during that academic year that begins in the fall; this includes homeschooling with Enlightium Academy. This observation comes from teachers and administrators based on experience with children who are making the transition from homeschooling to other school environments.

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