Does Calvary Christian School in Boise, Idaho Have Any Religious Requirements or Restrictions?

Calvary Christian School is a ministry of Calvary Boise, Idaho. All students must meet the minimum vaccination requirements or have a valid medical, religious, or personal certificate. Private Christian schools are the most popular option for Christians, offering an extension of the home and a safe environment for children to learn and grow. These schools have become increasingly available to American families, so it is important to be aware of the local school's policies and be prepared for any potential issues.

Generally, Christian schools are more accessible to Christian parents and are seen as an extension of the home. Schools that accept vouchers have reported that the program has helped them increase diversity in their schools without lowering their admissions standards. What was once considered a radical approach by some is now accepted in the mainstream of Christian people, making it an option worth considering. Some children in Christian schools may learn to view non-Christians as enemies rather than captives of the Enemy.

This is based on observations from teachers and administrators who have seen children transition from homeschooling to other school environments. Different locations have varying levels of quality when it comes to Christian schools; some areas have great options while others do not. Although there may not be as many opportunities for sin in a Christian school compared to a public school, the influence of peers is still strong on children of all ages. In some cases, an option may be impossible or very impractical, such as a single mother homeschooling or sending her children to a Christian school if the nearest one is twenty miles away and teaching a doctrine that she disagrees with.

Some parents who have experience with all three alternatives (public, Christian and homeschooling) have reported that homeschooling was the most expensive option. Homeschooling has also proven to be the solution for some children with special needs who struggle in traditional classrooms. The Body of Christ pays a price for Christian schools (and for homeschooling) by eliminating the influence of thousands of Christian students, teachers and parents from the public school environment. The goal is to educate and raise children so they become mature Christian adults who are productive and evangelistic in the world.

If every Christian school had to include all the children within a mile radius of its campus, this could be achieved. Christian schools are smaller than public schools and have much less money, so extracurricular programs and activities are more limited. However, these schools offer an invaluable opportunity for parents to provide their children with a safe learning environment that is based on their faith and values.

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