Petra Christian Academy: A Comprehensive Curriculum with a Focus on Mathematics

Petra Christian Academy is a private school in Boise, Idaho that provides students with a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on mathematics. To ensure students are prepared for the ever-changing environment, Petra Christian Academy has partnered with Mathnasium, a national mentoring program that utilizes the Singaporean approach to mathematics. This approach takes into account the different ways students learn and helps them reach their full potential. In addition to mathematics, Petra Christian Academy also offers Russian courses and daily reading to foster a love of reading in all students.

Latin is also taught at the school to give students an early start in understanding a language that could be used in potential future careers. Nampa Christian School is dedicated to serving the Treasure Valley Christian community by providing high-quality education with the Gospel and a biblical worldview as its foundation. A Teen Challenge school for girls ages 13 to 17 is also available, offering a Christian boarding school along with an effective approach to healing the mind and heart. The sixth through eighth grades represent a transition between elementary school and high school, teaching a Bible-based Christian curriculum that helps girls apply divine principles in their daily lives.

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