Petra Christian Academy: The Only 501c Nonprofit Classical Christian School in Boise, ID

Petra Christian Academy is the only 501c nonprofit classical Christian school in Boise, ID. Calvary Christian School serves students in preschool through seventh grade, providing a strong academic program with a Christian worldview. CCS also offers an extended program before and after school and throughout the summer. Mathematics is one of the most important disciplines that students must master. With technology constantly advancing, students are faced with a rapidly changing environment.

To ensure success in the future, traditional methods of teaching mathematics, which were mainly based on memorization and abstract thinking, have not been effective. This is evidenced by the large number of American students who do not meet international standards. Petra Christian Academy is one of the few private schools in Boise that offers mathematics in Singapore. The Petra Christian Academy uses the Singapore mathematics program, which has been proven to help students achieve incredible results, as demonstrated by Singapore's consistent ranking in the international evaluation of student achievement in mathematics called Trends in Mathematics and International Science. At Petra Christian Academy, we strongly support Singapore's mathematical approach, which is why Petra has become one of the first schools to partner with the national mentoring program, Mathnasium. Unlike public school mathematics teachers who mainly focus on deepening and memorizing many concepts each year, Singaporean mathematics helps students to truly master the concepts.

We hope to prepare graduates of the Petra Christian Academy to serve as ambassadors for Christ in a variety of leadership positions around the world. In addition to offering mathematics in Singapore, Petra Christian Academy is also the only private school in Boise that offers comprehensive Russian courses. The daily reading at Petra Christian Academy is designed to instill a passion for reading in all students. Furthermore, allowing students to study Latin at school ensures that they have a head start in understanding a language that would be used in potential future careers. Maranatha Christian School is another private school located in Boise, ID that operates independently of the Boise public school system. The address and phone number of Maranatha Christian School on West Fairview Avenue can be found below: Boise ID.

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